Doctor Zhilyaev told which product with palm oil can be safe and healthy

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Dietician, endocrinologist Viktor Zhilyaev: products with palm oil can be useful as a source of vitamin E.

Products in the manufacture of which palm oil is used oil, cause distrust and anxiety, but doctor Zhilyaev stated: not all such products are dangerous. The doctor recalled that palm oil has its own advantages like other vegetable oils. In particular, it is rich in vitamin E, which acts as a powerful antioxidant that fights fat oxidation and inflammation, which is harmful to the body.

“Palm oil is used to prevent vitamin A deficiency; it also contains vitamin E, which helps in the fight against dementia,” the expert shared with Doctor 24.
Victor Zhilyaev explained which palm oil product can be safe and even useful as a source of important vitamins. The doctor noted that aggressive heat treatment makes such oil potentially harmful. It is able to withstand very high incandescent temperatures, but at the same time processes occur accompanied by the release of carcinogens. But if the product contains palm oil that has not been heated, there is no need to be afraid of it.

“If we consider the composition of ice cream, then palm oil can actually be added to it instead of milk fat… such ice cream can be safely consumed, since it is not heated. heat treatment,” the specialist explained.
Zhilyaev added that the product is high in calories, and its consumption in large quantities can easily lead to weight gain.

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