This is why you get body pain if you drink a lot of alcohol – 'it's dangerous'

This is why you get body pain if you drink a lot of alcohol - 'it's dangerous'

If you drank too much alcohol the night before, you may wake up the next morning with a headache or nausea. But pain in the arms or legs can also occur if you look too deeply into the glass. We'll tell you why this is so.

Be warned in advance: too much alcohol is harmful to the body – in the short and long term. Therefore, you should always keep your alcohol intake under control.

“Anyone who wakes up with a hangover expects a headache or dizziness—few people expect body pain. And yet, after drinking too much alcohol, joints and limbs may hurt,” says general practitioner Tatyana Zakharova especially for MedicForum.
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Usually you experience pain in your arms or legs. Your limbs feel heavy, as if your muscles are sore after an intense workout. It is curious that even after drinking alcohol, muscles can ache.

Here's Why Alcohol Causes Pain

If the muscle pain goes away within a day, you have nothing to worry about. Alcohol deprives the body of nutrients such as magnesium and sodium. When these nutrients are lacking, muscles can become sour and sore.

“Lack of water also causes pain in the body. So it is important to balance the water and nutritional balance and not re-poison the muscles with alcohol. Then the feeling of heaviness in the arms and the legs will disappear.”

Be careful with chronic pain

If the pain persists and even becomes chronic, then you should urgently pay attention to it. After frequent alcohol consumption, the body can no longer completely break down toxins. This also means that the muscles can become damaged and shrink.

If muscle pain persists, then experts also talk about alcoholic muscle disease.

“It can develop over a longer period of time and become noticeable through muscle weakness. However, sudden pain can also occur due to excessive alcohol consumption.”
In both types of pain, not only the muscles are affected, but also the nerves. Anyone who constantly drinks a lot of alcohol risks not only weakening and sore muscles, but also chronic nerve diseases.

“Anyone who has suffered from joint problems for a long time should also be careful. Alcohol can cause inflammation of the joints , such as knees or wrists.”

Long-term effects of alcohol use include:

  • Mental health problems, such as an increased risk of suicide.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Substance abuse.
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  • Increased risk of developing diabetes.
  • Impotence.
  • Cancers such as stomach and liver cancer.
  • Fertility problems such as decreased sperm count and decreased testosterone levels in men.
  • Brain damage and brain-related conditions such as stroke and dementia.
  • Heart problems and heart attacks.
  • Liver cirrhosis.

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Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.