Urologist Volkov named salt and sausage among foods harmful to male libido

man eats fast food
Urologist Alexey Volkov advised men to be more careful about what they eat.

According to urologist Volkov, the testosterone content in men the body is largely determined by diet. In an interview with, he said that some products inhibit the production of the main male hormone testosterone. In particular, among the products harmful to male libido, the doctor named salt consumed in excess. This spice should not be consumed in quantities exceeding 5 grams per day.

“Excess salt in the body inhibits the synthesis of testosterone and sperm, and can also negatively affect erection,” the specialist warned.
In addition, urologist Volkov named sugar among the products harmful to male libido. When eaten in large quantities, it causes the release of an increased dose of insulin, which can suppress the release of testosterone. The doctor said that the daily limit for sugar is six teaspoons, and consuming more than this is strictly not recommended.

Another potentially harmful product is smoked sausage. Volkov informed that its production uses liquids that release toxins, which can negatively affect the reproductive organs in men and interfere with the synthesis of testosterone.

“Substances harmful to men are also found in fast food – this includes cholesterol, preservatives , various additives that lead to obesity and problems with potency,” the doctor added.
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