Therapist Lipilin explained at what age a child can start drinking coffee

girl drinks coffee
Therapist Artemy Lipilin advised not to give coffee to a child if he is under 12 years old.

Therapist Lipilin said that the tonic effect of coffee -tolerated differently by adults and children. Explaining at what age a child can start drinking coffee, the doctor emphasized: this should be done no earlier than adolescence.

“It makes sense to introduce coffee into a child’s diet no earlier than 12 years of age. At an earlier age, the risk from drinking coffee exceeds the expected benefit,” the specialist stated in a commentary to “Evening Moscow.”
Lipilin added that the central nervous system of an adult responds to the stimulating components of coffee along with the activation of defense mechanisms – this results in additional vigor and more intense mental activity, which are normally tolerated by the body. Children experience a similar state of neural activation, but because their brains and nervous systems are not fully formed, toxic effects can develop. In other words, the too young brain is not yet able to independently regulate the excitation that occurs under the influence of coffee – hyperstimulation develops.

“The cortex of children under 12–14 years of age is “immature” – foci of excitation tend to spread to neighboring areas. Instead of a surge of vigor, the child will experience sleep disturbances and emotional instability. In young children, this can lead to seizures,” the expert warned.
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