Oncologist Magomedova: citrus fruits and whole grains will be very useful for protection against cancer

an elderly woman prepares food
Oncologist Khamis Magomedova named grapefruits and whole grain bread among the foods that improve the body's defense against cancer.

Oncologist Magomedova said in a conversation with that the use of certain products has an anti-carcinogenic effect. In particular, it is inherent in citrus fruits, especially grapefruits. These fruits reduce the risk of cancer due to the content of specific components – monoterpenes. Monotrepene substances in grapefruits can cleanse the body of carcinogens.

The doctor emphasized that citrus fruits in general will be very useful for protection against cancer. For example, the prevention of malignant processes is ensured by the consumption of oranges and lemons, which contain the substance limonene. Under its influence, the activity of immune cells (lymphocytes) that fight tumor compounds is activated.

Oncologist Magomedova added that eating unprocessed vegetables rich in fiber also helps cleanse the body of carcinogens. Regular intake of sufficient fiber is a proven way to prevent obesity, which has a significant impact on the occurrence of cancer.

In addition, the oncologist recommends enriching the diet with whole grains. From them the body receives antioxidants, fiber, vitamins – their complex effect is extremely positive, stimulating the functioning of the immune system.

“Whole grains reduce the likelihood of malignant tumors of the intestines and prostate. Add whole grain bread, brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa to your diet,” said Khamis Magomedova.
In addition, the doctor recommended eating more vegetable protein in the form of legumes, nuts or tofu, and also remembering omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the body acids. There are a lot of them in mackerel and herring, flaxseed, seaweed, walnuts – this type of fat has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is very important for preventing the formation of tumors.

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