Doctor Romanenko: pain on an empty stomach can occur due to ulcers

abdominal pain
Doctor Tatyana Romanenko said that “hungry” pain is often observed in people with stomach ulcers.

Therapist Romanenko said that Pain on an empty stomach can occur in a person due to an existing ulcer.

“An ulcer is characterized by pain on an empty stomach. That is, a person may feel discomfort before eating or two to three hours after it. Food in this case will bring relief,” the doctor specified in a comment to Moscow 24.
Romanenko added that in addition to pain on an empty stomach, a person with an ulcer may complain of increased heartburn, belching or nausea.

The therapist drew attention to the fact that the appearance of any unfavorable digestive symptoms requires consultation with a doctor. As for ulcers specifically, it is necessary to treat them to avoid dangerous consequences, including the development of internal bleeding or cancer.

The doctor warned that ulcers are often the result of infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. In turn, people’s susceptibility to this stomach disease is increased by frequent stress and unhealthy diet.

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