Doctor Khukhrev called life-threatening too low or high body temperature

measurement of temperature
According to physician Alexei Khukhrev, a critical decrease or increase in body temperature may mean that life-threatening processes are occurring in it.

Doctor Khukhrev called too low or high body temperature life-threatening. In particular, speaking about the increase in temperature, the therapist said that medical intervention is required when it rises above 39.5 degrees.

“Human proteins begin to coagulate at temperatures above 41 degrees. This cannot be allowed,” Alexey Khukhrev emphasized in a commentary for Moscow 24.
High numbers on the thermometer are a reason to call an ambulance, he noted.

However, a too low level may also be an alarming signal about existing disorders in the body. The specialist advised not to ignore cases when, when measuring the temperature, it turned out that it was not even 35 degrees.

“There could be hypothyroidism, there could be some other disease. We need to figure it out,” the expert shared his opinion.
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