Doctor Mukhina: artichokes and garlic help normalize liver function

cooked artichokes
Dietician Mariyat Mukhina called the artichoke a product that can “reanimate” the liver.

Doctor Mukhina said in a commentary for Moscow 24, that artichoke and garlic help normalize liver function.

“Artichoke literally revives the liver, makes it work better,” the specialist said.
Mukhina added that eating artichoke has choleretic and hepatoprotective effects. As a result, the body more intensively gets rid of urea, toxins, salts of heavy metals, in addition, cholesterol levels are reduced.

“Artichoke will be useful for cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, kidney failure, atherosclerosis and obesity,” the doctor specified.
As for another product that helps normalize liver function – garlic – it should be consumed only in small doses, warned Mariyat Mukhina. According to the doctor, the amino acids contained in it have a beneficial effect on liver cells: thanks to their action, the cellular structure of hepatocytes can be restored. Another important quality of the spicy vegetable is that it prevents blood thickening and thrombosis, and has a positive effect on blood circulation.

The portal previously wrote that foods with potassium and magnesium in the daily diet reduce the risk of heart disease.

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