Nutritionist Kabanov: alcohol and fried meat can “kill” the pancreas

fried meat
Nutritionist Alexey Kabanov: many people harm their pancreas by disrupting its function by eating certain foods.

The normal functioning of the pancreas is extremely important for health, because the organ secretes enzymes necessary for the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the gland produces hormones responsible for regulating blood sugar levels (insulin and glucagon). Nutritionist Kabanov noted in a conversation with that people themselves often “kill” their pancreas with bad habits – first of all, unhealthy eating.

“We can imperceptibly, without knowing it, harm the pancreas and disrupt its functioning simply by putting it in your mouth,” the expert shared his opinion.
Kabanov drew attention to the fact that there are products that can especially seriously harm the condition of the pancreas.
In particular, they can “kill” the pancreas frequently consumed alcohol and fried meat.

“Animal foods contain too many saturated fatty acids, which are not so easy to process. The pancreas requires a ton of enzymes to digest this heavy meal, and it doesn't do the job as easily as it seems. Cold, fatty meat products are especially dangerous,” the nutritionist warned.
As for alcoholic drinks, even the weakest of them hinder the normal functioning of the pancreas. Alexey Kabanov emphasized that episodes are very dangerous for the organ when a person, due to some events, suddenly begins to drink alcohol in large quantities.

Also, according to Kabanov, sugar and soda can “kill” the pancreas. consumed regularly or excessively. Because of this, the pancreas is forced to produce more insulin, which leads to its exhaustion, insufficiency and disease.

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Alexey Kabanov Alexey Kabanov Healthy lifestyle nutritionist, deputy director of the ANO Scientific Research Center “Healthy Nutrition”