Cardiologist Dikur: stress can cause arterial hypertension at a young age

measurement of pressure

According to cardiologist Oksana Dikur, the debut of arterial hypertension can take place at the age of younger than 40 years or even 30 years.

Cardiologist Dikur reminded that arterial hypertension is a disease of high blood pressure:

“diagnosed when pressure rises to 140 and 90 millimeters of mercury and above.”
The most severe consequences of such a disorder are heart attack and stroke.

The doctor drew attention to the fact that hypertension is by no means an “age-related” disease that appears in a person due to aging. The development of a dangerous vascular disease can also occur at a young age: even teenagers suffer from hypertension.

Oksana Dikur added that many scientists believe that stress can cause problems with blood pressure and arterial hypertension at a young age. In particular, the adverse effects of chronic stress on the body are associated with increased levels of stress hormones, as well as excessive activation of immune responses. As a result, inflammation may occur, triggering various pathological processes, including increased blood pressure.

“In the modern world, against the backdrop of living under conditions of chronic stress, poor nutrition and low levels of physical activity, arterial hypertension can debut in people under 40 years of age and even under 30 years of age,” the doctor stated in an interview with “Evening Moscow.”
The cardiologist emphasized that when hypertension develops, symptoms may not occur. It can be diagnosed in a timely manner only through periodic measurements – this is a simple but most effective examination method.

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