Nutritionist Kabanov: soups with rich meat broth increase the risk of serious diseases

Nutritionist Alexey Kabanov: rich meat soups contain purines, which is unsafe for the body.

Nutritionist Kabanov said that the frequent presence of rich soups in the diet meat broth can harm human health.

“Unfortunately, soups with rich meat broth can harm the body,” he told the portal Pravda.Ru.
Kabanov explained that such dishes are a rich source of purines – substances whose accumulation in the body increases the risk of joint pathologies, as well as the appearance of kidney stones. In addition, meat broths are rich in saturated fatty acids, which, if consumed frequently, increase the risk of serious diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

“You should eat meat-based soup no more than once a week. In addition, it is better to drain the first, most harmful broth and cook on the second one,” the nutritionist shared.
The expert advised using ingredients that are less fatty than red meat – poultry, fish – for preparing first courses. The specialist recommended preparing fish soups (as well as vegetable soups) twice a week. In addition, he considers soups made from legumes very healthy.

“Lentils, legumes – these products are also rich in protein and no less nutritious than meat,” the nutritionist noted.
The portal previously wrote that foods with sugar can cause accelerated aging of the body.

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Alexey Kabanov Alexey Kabanov Healthy lifestyle nutritionist, deputy director of the ANO Scientific Research Center “Healthy Nutrition”