Urologist: Pink color of urine may indicate kidney problems and cancer

Urologist Bahar Zelhoff has identified nine colors of urine that may indicate health problems. Urine, he says, can change color from deep yellow to pinkish.

– The color of your urine can change depending on factors such as drinking regimen, diet and medications. Shades ranging from pale yellow to straw yellow are considered normal and indicate proper drinking regimen. An unusual color may indicate health problems, the doctor said.

Dark yellow or amber urine indicates dehydration, in which case it is necessary to drink more ordinary water at room temperature. Dark brown or tea color may indicate a liver or muscle disorder.

– If the urine is pink or reddish, it may be due to the presence of blood in it. We are also talking about kidney problems, urinary tract infections or other serious problems such as cancer, – explained the urologist.

Zelhof warned of bright orange urine, which may indicate problems with the liver or bile ducts. Lighter orange urine can be caused by medication or by eating foods high in beta-carotene, such as carrots.

Bluish or greenish urine is extremely rare and can also be caused by certain drugs or dyes. In addition, these colors may indicate a rare genetic disease called Hartnup's disease.

Hartnup's disease is a disease characterized by an abnormal metabolism of amino acids, mainly tryptophan. The main symptoms are pellagra-like skin rashes on the face and open areas of the body, photosensitivity, neurological disorders.

Hartnup's disease occurs when the body is unable to absorb certain amino acids from the diet.

— Any significant changes in urine color not related to diet or medication should be investigated, especially if you have other symptoms such as fever, chills, back or abdominal pain, the doctor noted.

Zelhof is a consultant urologist at Pall Mall Medical, a private medical clinic, writes Express. -oncologist Karasev called lack of strength a possible sign of cancer

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