Doctor Berezovsky: drinking coffee during a sedentary profession increases the risk of thrombosis

sedentary work
Doctor Dmitry Berezovsky advised people with a sedentary profession to drink less coffee.

Doctor Berezovsky warned that prolonged sitting in a sitting position significantly increases the likelihood of blood clots.

“An increased risk of this dangerous pathology exists both for those who play at the computer for a long time, and for those who work on it,” the specialist said in an interview with Izvestia.
According to Dmitry Berezovsky, prolonged sitting is associated with squeezing of blood vessels, leading to a slowdown in blood flow – this in turn provokes the adhesion of blood clots and the formation of blood clots. As a rule, such blood clots appear in the arteries of the legs. If, as a result of detachment, they enter the blood, which the heart distills through the body, then, together with the blood flow, they can penetrate the vessels of the lungs, brain or heart, causing their blockage or embolism. The consequence of an embolism is the development of life-threatening conditions and the death of a person.

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The doctor added that the habit of drinking coffee, common among representatives of sedentary professions, increases the risk of thrombosis.

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Earlier, the portal wrote that cardiologist Vladimir Khoroshev advised hypertensive patients in the heat to beware of blood clots leading to thrombosis.

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