Soda and fast food are among the top 4 foods that cause aggressive forms of cancer

Foreign experts once again pointed out the danger of abuse of certain products. The matter may end with premature aging and the development of cancer, and its aggressive forms.

We are talking about too sweet, salty, fatty foods with a high degree of processing. The study is published by with reference to the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Ultra-processed foods in the diet are associated with aggressive forms of cancer of the pancreas, intestines and liver.

In the top 4 are fast food, soda, desserts and baked goods with a long shelf life. These products should be limited and, if possible, children should be protected from them, the researchers warned.

More about the dangers of soda

1. Soda usually contains large amounts of sugar, as well as high-calorie additives – a risk of obesity.

2. Consuming large amounts of sugar, especially in the form of soda, may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Soda contains acids, they can destroy tooth enamel and lead to the development of caries.

4. Regular consumption of soda, especially those with high sugar content, may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

5. Phosphoric acid contained in soda can affect bone density – the risk of developing osteoporosis.

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