Nutritionist Duval: pine nuts are among the top 20 foods healthy for their fats

Dietitian Angelica Duval told which nuts are the most beneficial for the body.

Nutician Duval reported that pine nuts and walnuts have the highest containing valuable components and therefore are considered the most useful. She added that pine nuts are among the foods that benefit the body with their fats.

“Pine nuts are among the top 20 foods that bring real benefits to the body because of their fats. I even sometimes prescribe them to patients as an auxiliary product to resolve some health problems,” the doctor shared in an interview with Sputnik radio.
Duval emphasized that nuts are high-calorie and heavy food and should not be consumed in large quantities. If there are chronic problems with the gastrointestinal tract, nuts are completely excluded from the diet.

In the absence of gastrointestinal pathologies, a person can eat a small handful of nuts a day without harm to the body, nothing more, the doctor stated.

Also The doctor drew attention to the fact that cashews are not a nut; this product is a legume. If you are intolerant to legumes, you should not eat them.

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