Doctor Malysheva named a product with a powerful oncological effect: cancer

Doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva said that crayfish can prevent the development of oncology. 

They contain selenium, which is a powerful anti-cancer component. Crayfish also help protect nerve cells and strengthen bones.

Selenium is a trace element with extremely important functions in the body. It is part of most hormones and enzymes, protects cells from damage, and prevents the aging process. It is no less important for appearance – maintaining the beauty and health of skin, hair and nails

— 100 grams of crayfish meat contains 16 grams of protein. Why do we need protein – for the proper formation of immunity, the creation of muscles, proper digestion, the formation of blood and bone proteins, the doctor noted on the air of the program “Live Healthy!”.

Crayfish contain a low amount of saturated fats and cholesterol, making them an excellent choice for people watching their weight and overall health.

According to scientists, there is an inverse correlation between the level of selenium in the blood and the incidence of cancer and mortality. Selenium has effective preventive antitumor properties. Additional selenium intake under medical supervision reduced the incidence of malignant tumors by more than 35% in individuals with selenium deficiency.

The main function of selenium is participation in the antioxidant systems and hormonal metabolism of the thyroid gland. Severe selenium deficiency can lead to cardiomyopathy, and excess consumption can cause symptoms of poisoning.

Symptoms of selenium deficiency:

  • muscle weakness
  • muscle pain
  • inflammation of muscle tissue,
  • increase in volume and increased fragility of red blood cells,
  • degeneration of the pancreas
  • pseudoalbinism.

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