Oncologist Rodimov: the risk of cancer can increase the consumption of unnatural coffee

Oncologist Sergei Rodimov advised Russians to drink freshly ground, not instant coffee.

Oncologist Rodimov drew attention to the fact that the risk of cancer for a person can increase drinking unnatural coffee. According to the expert, this is instant coffee, which contains flavorings and preservatives.

“It is very important to distinguish between natural and unnatural coffee. If you are faced with a choice of what kind of coffee to drink, then it is better to choose freshly ground, freshly roasted,” the oncologist said in an interview with FederalPress.
Sergei Rodimov clarified that such coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants for the body. Antioxidants in coffee help protect cells from damage and inflammation, which in turn may reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

There are no carcinogens in natural, freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee, he emphasized. oncologist. At the same time, he pointed out the need for moderate consumption of coffee in order to avoid cardiovascular problems.

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