Oncologist Magomedova: sudden weight loss, digestive disorders and weakness occur with intestinal cancer

patient with abdominal pain at the doctor
Oncologist Khamis Magomedova: at the initial stage, intestinal cancer is disguised as ordinary digestive disorders.

Oncologist Magomedova explained the symptoms of intestinal cancer. The doctor stated that as it develops, sudden weight loss and weakness occur. A person loses weight without any restrictions or exercise, which is explained by a deficiency of nutrients that are “taken” from the body by the tumor. As for weakness, a constant feeling of overwork, these problems (along with poor sleep) are a consequence of the action of toxins and metabolic disorders.

Magomedova added that intestinal cancer, as it develops, contributes to the occurrence of various digestive disorders.

“Painful sensations and spasms occur, which can spread to the back and legs, intensifying at night and after eating. It is also possible to feel tension and pressure in the abdominal area, heaviness and fullness due to an increase in the size of the tumor. Intestinal motility is disrupted, flatulence increases, frequent constipation appears, which alternates with diarrhea,” the oncologist told the Passions portal.
Magomedova advised to always pay attention to changes in stool, since they can also signal a malignant process in the intestines. The stool may be very dark, tarry, or may contain visible blood and mucus; in addition, it may be released in the form of narrow strips no larger than a pencil or in the form of a ribbon.

The doctor emphasized that the most effective way Preventive examinations are used to diagnose colorectal cancer in a timely manner. They make it possible to detect polyps in the intestines, which subsequently degenerate into malignant tumors, and remove them.

“In the early stages of an insidious disease, there are often no obvious signs; they appear later. This is its main danger,” the specialist warned.
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