Physiologist Lyalina: blue cheese is an affordable delicacy to slow down aging

blue cheese
Physiologist Irina Lyalina stated that blue cheese helps slow down the development of age-related changes.

According to physiologist Lyalina, in a product such as cheese with mold, pantothenic acid is present, which helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin. The expert stated that blue cheese is an affordable delicacy to slow down aging.

“The growth of mold during the fermentation of such cheese increases the content of pantothenic acid in it, so regular consumption of it in food reduces age-related changes and increases skin tone,” – Lyalina told the portal.
The physiologist noted that to prevent age-related changes, it is enough to eat two pieces of such cheese a day.

It should be remembered that with some health problems, the consumption of cheese is limited – an indication for this restrictions, for example, there may be edema, kidney disease, disorders in the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

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