Oncologist Basanov called night sweats a non-obvious sign of “young cancer” lymphoma

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Oncologist Ruslan Basanov: a type of cancer such as lymphoma most often occurs in young people aged 16-34 years.

Oncologist Basanov spoke about the features of lymphoma – a group of cancers in which malignancy of immune system cells occurs. Lymphocytes of people begin to increase, undergo active division and lead to disorders in the organs and tissues of the lymphatic system: bone marrow, lymph nodes.

Oncologist Basanov noted that lymphoma is notorious as “cancer of the young,” it usually occurs in immature age .

“Lymphomas are divided into two groups – Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin. The first type is easier to treat, the second is more aggressive. Most often, lymphoma affects young people aged 16-34 years,” the doctor told
Basanov clarified that the development of this common type of cancer can be suspected by enlargement of the lymph nodes – they can be several times larger than normal and feel painful when touched. According to the oncologist, a particularly alarming sign is a massive enlargement of the lymph nodes, resembling a cluster.

The doctor emphasized that if they are enlarged, it is necessary to undergo an ultrasound examination.

Oncologist Basanov also named non-obvious signs of lymphoma, which is considered cancer of younger generations.

“If the lymph nodes become inflamed and cannot be felt, you should pay attention to severe night sweats, weakness, unreasonable weight loss and persistent temperature. Sometimes severe skin itching also occurs,” he warned.
The doctor drew attention to the fact that many other diseases can manifest symptoms characteristic of lymphoma. An accurate diagnosis of an oncological disease is possible only with a comprehensive examination and biopsy.

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