Oncologist Orlov called pickles among the products – provocateurs of cancer

salt in the salt shaker
According to oncologist Andrey Orlov, the abuse of salt, as well as the abuse of industrial products, is a factor that provokes the onset of cancer.

In an interview with a doctor there was a reminder that

“there are a number of products, the use of which can provoke the development of oncological diseases.”
Speaking of products that provoke cancer, Andrey Orlov noted that, first of all, the risk of disease increases their abuse, and also the fact that such products are regularly eaten in conditions of an unbalanced diet depleted in important nutrients.

Oncologist Pylev named the most common causes of throat cancer

Among the foods that contribute to the development of tumors, the doctor named the following.

  • Foods with a high concentration of salt, like salt itself, consumed in large quantities.
  • saturated with animal fat.
  • Products obtained by smoking and preserving.
  • Products of the so-called deep processing (industrially produced and ready to eat).

The oncologist added that in order to prevent cancer, it is important not only to follow a daily diet, but also to maintain a healthy weight, be mobile.

The oncologist named the cause of 95% of all cancer cases

“A balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, in combination with physical activity and maintaining a normal body weight, can reduce the risk of occurrence and development of most tumors of various localizations by 30-40%,” Orlov concluded. available ways to extend life.

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Andrey Orlov Andrey Orlov Healthy lifestyle chief freelance specialist in oncology of the Ministry of Health of the Samara region. head of the oncology center