Oncologist Korzhikov explained whether drinking tea in pyramids can cause cancer

tea in pyramids
Oncologist Andrei Korzhikov commented on statements that tea in pyramids contributes to the appearance of cancer.

The alleged carcinogenicity of tea packaged in pyramid bags has suddenly become one of the hot topics. Statements were made in the State Duma about the need to ban the sale of such tea in Russia. The reason for this is the content of microplastic in tea packaging, which is believed to be able to provoke various disorders in the human body, including the formation of tumors.

Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, oncologist surgeon Andrei Korzhikov explained whether drinking tea in pyramids can cause cause of cancer. The doctor stated: such a drink cannot be a factor in the occurrence of cancer, which is confirmed by medical statistics.

“Nothing like this is happening or will happen. Drink quietly if you wish. If you don’t want to, brew regular tea,” Korzhikov said in a comment to Reedus.
The oncologist added that if tea bags were really a carcinogen, then there would be an increased incidence of cancer among people who drink it. In reality, there is none of this.

Earlier, the portal wrote that a symptom of various types of cancer can be excessive sweating at night.

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