Doctor Rublev: constantly drinking mineral water in the heat can harm the kidneys

mineral water
Doctor Olga Rubleva: with constant consumption of mineral water, there is a risk of oversaturation of the body with active substances and microelements.

Hot weather encourages people to drink more, and many people They prefer to quench their thirst with mineral water – it seems to taste better and is drunk with more pleasure than ordinary water. Doctor Rubleva warned Russians that constantly drinking mineral water in the heat can harm the kidneys.

“Mineral water in large quantities can lead to impaired kidney function,” the doctor said in a comment to
Why mineral water can be harmful to the kidneys.This water contains sodium and increases blood pressure. Constantly high blood pressure or its frequent jumps negatively affects the condition of the kidneys. In addition, the kidneys (especially if they are weakened) may suffer from too high a concentration of minerals in such water. Their breakdown increases the load on the organs of the excretory system, including the kidneys. People with kidney failure should not drink mineral water without prior approval from their healthcare professional.

Who else needs to drink mineral water with caution. People with hypertension.

“You need to drink plain water – little and often, avoiding a large volume of liquid at once. During the heat – at least two liters a day, for children – about one and a half liters,” Olga Rubleva clarified.
The doctor added that in the heat there is no need to quench your thirst with sweet drinks, especially carbonated ones – they create an excess of carbohydrates in the body, leading to to insulin surges and the development of obesity.

Earlier, the portal wrote that constant swelling that occurs due to drinking water is a sign of pathology.

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