Nutritionist Tikhanycheva advised older people to eat broth in the cold

Nutriciologist Zhanna Tikhanycheva explained why broth is one of the healthiest dishes in the cold season for older people.

Nutriciologist Tikhanycheva stated:< br>
“In the cold season, the diet of older people must include broth.”
Advising eating broth in the cold, the specialist noted that broth is well absorbed. According to Tikhanycheva, for older people this property of the dish is very important, since digestive function weakens with age.

“The broth warms, nourishes the body tissues, helps the body recover after illness, strengthens and gives strength,” added expert in her commentary to Moscow 24.
The nutritionist advised preparing broth from poultry. It can be “enriched” by adding carrots, celery root, parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke, bay leaf and other spices. Tikhanycheva noted that broth is a good option for a late snack, since it does not create an unnecessary burden on digestion and is a light dish that will not make you fat.

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