Nutritionist Solomatina explained what milk does not go well with

milk and cookies
Dietitian Elena Solomatina: one of the food combinations unsuitable for digestion is milk and white bread or pastries.

Nutritionist Solomatina  explained , what milk does not go well with. The doctor recalled that milk is a protein product and cannot be combined with other sources of protein. The specialist explained that you should avoid combining several protein products in one meal – their absorption requires a lot of stress from the digestive tract, and such a significant load can harm it.

“You cannot combine milk with vegetable protein – these are beans, peas and beans,” emphasized Elena Solomatina in a comment to “Evening Moscow”
Milk also does not go well with white bread or baked goods made from white flour. The assimilation of such a combination leads to the appearance of flatulence and dyspepsia.

“You can combine cereals with milk, but it is not advisable to wash it down with food,” the expert added.
Solomatina drew attention to the fact that with age, the human body may no longer absorb milk normally due to lactase deficiency – a decrease in the production of the lactase enzyme necessary for the breakdown of milk. If this happens, after consuming milk and dairy products, negative symptoms of indigestion with bloating and nausea occur. In such cases, you need to completely abandon “milk” and switch to fermented milk products. Unlike milk, such products are absorbed by the digestive system without problems.

“Fermented milk products contain lacto- and bifidobacteria, which partially reach the intestines, where they enter into symbiosis with the human microbiota,” the expert stated.
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