Doctor Bannyy: don’t wash your hands and body too often

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Doctor Denis Bannyy: too frequent washing increases the leaching of bacteria beneficial to the immune system.

Doctor Bannyy said that excessive cleanliness can harm the human body. Excessively frequent washing makes it permeable to pathogens and infectious agents. Therefore, the doctor Banny noted: there is no need to wash your hands and body too often.

“Washing your hands and body too often is not necessary, as this can lead to the thinning of the natural protective layer of sebum, which makes the skin vulnerable to dangerous microorganisms. Beneficial bacteria are washed out and its resistance is reduced,” he explained to RT.
Bannyi warned that numerous skin problems are often associated with overly diligent cleansing, which deprives it of a protective barrier. He advised not to use antiseptics unnecessarily – constant use of antibacterial agents in everyday life has an adverse effect on the immune system. Such a habit, the doctor emphasized, causes resistance to antibiotics; disorders such as allergies and autoimmune pathologies are associated with its presence.

Bannyi added that the human body’s immune system must constantly encounter pathogens from the external environment; this is what encourages the production of antibodies and maintains the body’s constant readiness to fight infections. If, due to sterility, there is a reduction in contact with various pathogens, this contributes to disturbances in the functioning of the immune system. It has long been known that not all bacteria are dangerous. Some of them, on the contrary, are beneficial for humans and health, since they act as a protective barrier. Too frequent washing disrupts the natural microflora of the skin, depleting it of beneficial microorganisms that protect against infections and inflammatory diseases.

When should you wash your hands? The doctor stated:

“Hands You need to wash regularly, especially before eating, after visiting the toilet, public places or contact with sick people. The duration of hand washing should be at least 20 seconds.”
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