Nutritionist Solomatina: baba as a daily dessert can be deadly

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina: even for people who do not have health problems, it is dangerous to frequently consume baba.

Nutritionist Solomatina said in an interview that baba as a daily dessert can be deadly.

“Eating baba daily can contribute to the development of fatal diseases. This dessert is especially dangerous for people with diabetes, prone to obesity, heart and vascular diseases,” the doctor said in a commentary to the radio station “Moscow Speaks.”
Solomatina drew attention to the fact that rum baba is prepared from dough baked from premium flour, which is complemented with sweet impregnation and cream. The end result is a dessert that contains an overwhelming amount of sugar and calories. When consumed, the level of glucose in the blood increases very quickly, and if a person already has a predisposition to high sugar or insulin resistance, such a delicacy will provoke processes that are dangerous in their consequences.

“People prone to excess weight already have a predisposition to glucose tolerance, which remains in the blood and damages the vascular endothelium – this is a trigger for the development of atherosclerosis and its complications, strokes and heart attacks,” the doctor stated.
According to the nutritionist , such a dessert as rum baba is allowed only once a month in the absence of contraindications. Its absorption is a difficult task even for healthy digestion.

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