Somnologist Melekhin: it is impossible to die due to snoring or sleep apnea

Somnologist Alexey Melekhin advised not to trust claims that people with severe snoring risk dying in their sleep by suffocating.

Pronounced loud snoring is inherent in such a condition as apnea – short-term cessation of breathing in sleeping people. You can often hear that this type of snoring is associated with the possibility of death due to the fact that a person’s breathing can stop for a long time during sleep. Somnologist Melekhin noted in a comment to that in fact the possibility of such an event is too low to talk about it as a real threat. It is impossible to die due to snoring or sleep apnea, the specialist stated.

“Our body is designed in such a way that snoring, which occurs in both newborns and adults, is benign – you cannot die from it… A person’s nervous system will not allow him to die from respiratory arrest and will push him out of sleep,” the somnologist clarified.
B At the same time, Melekhin warned, a person can snore in his sleep due to apnea, which develops as a result of serious disorders. Death during sleep in a snoring person occurs primarily due to the consequences of these existing pathologies (especially if they are not controlled and treated).

“There is a whole class of diseases that lead to respiratory arrest during sleep – disruptions of the endocrine system, activation of neurodegenerative processes, chronic problems of the heart and blood vessels,” he listed.
The specialist explained that even if a snoring person takes medications or alcohol, the risk of night-time mortality will increase, primarily due to the changes they cause in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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Alexey Melekhin Alexey Melekhin Health Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, psychoanalyst, somnologist