Nutritionist Mellor: Beer may be more caloric than confectionery

Nutritionist Dwayne Mellor: the stronger the beer, the more harmful it is for your figure.

Nutritionist Mellor (Aston University) said in a comment to the Daily Mail, that an addiction to beer can ruin a slim figure, in no way inferior to the habit of eating sweets. The specialist emphasized that with a foamy drink, people consume a large amount of calories that the body does not have time to expend. The result of this is a loss of slender body contours and weight gain.

“Liquid” calories are no different from “solid” ones. Their excess in the diet inevitably leads to an increase in the amount of subcutaneous fatty tissue,” the specialist stated.
Mellor clarified that one bottle of beer can provide the body with up to 290 kilocalories – in this aspect, beer can be higher in calories than some confectionery products. The nutritionist emphasized that the stronger the beer, the greater the risk of gaining weight when drinking it. Each gram of alcohol contains about seven kilocalories, the doctor shared.

To prevent obesity and extra pounds, the nutritionist advised people to stop drinking any drinks containing sugar. He noted that such “liquid” sugar is absorbed by the body much faster and, therefore, is quickly processed into fatty tissue.

Earlier, the portal wrote that people losing weight should not give up carbohydrates, doctors believe this harmful to the body.

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