Surgeon Astashov: late first births in women affect the development of breast cancer

woman at a doctor's appointment
Surgeon Vladimir Astashov spoke about the factors influencing the development of breast cancer in women.

Surgeon Astashov shared his opinion about what kind of women are at increased risk of breast cancer. The doctor stated that women who have close relatives who have been diagnosed with this type of cancer may encounter this disease.

Pregnancy and childbirth can also make a woman susceptible to breast tumors, the doctor added. According to Astashov, late first births have a certain influence on the development of breast cancer – in their case, the body experiences a strong “hormonal shake-up”, causing reactions of the immune system. The consequence of such reactions is an increased release of immune components that promote inflammation and tumor formation.

“Late first births, as well as the absence of pregnancies, are risk factors for the development of breast cancer,” Astashov said in a comment to
In addition, the specialist added, women who have an early onset are more prone to breast cancer. menstruation, or women with late menopause. The presence of viral infections (for example, hepatitis C), obesity and life in chronic stress are also factors contributing to its appearance.

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Vladimir Astashov Vladimir Astashov Health, Head of the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, State University of Education