Narcologist Isaev: wine really helps digest meat

Narcologist Ruslan Isaev said that drinking a certain amount of wine helps the body digest meat.

Narcologist Ruslan Isaev gave a detailed answer to the question of whether wine helps digest meat. In a comment to, the doctor agreed that this is indeed the case.

“A certain amount of the right wine really helps to digest meat. This happens thanks to polyphenols – substances of plant origin that are found in wine (mainly red), as well as in tea, coffee, and certain fruits,” noted the candidate of medical sciences.
According to the doctor, when drinking red wine, its polyphenols are transported unchanged into the intestinal tract. By interacting with the intestinal microbiome, these substances stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and the functioning of microflora – as a result, the processes of absorption of nutrients and the breakdown of proteins contained in meat are improved. That is, wine really helps to digest meat.

At the same time, the narcologist drew attention to the fact that drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the body, contributes to its intoxication and increases the risk of developing dangerous diseases. According to Isaev, there is an individual sensitivity to alcohol; in some cases, small doses are enough to cause destructive effects.

“You can also drink meat with non-alcoholic wine, which goes through the same fermentation process, after which the alcohol is extracted using a technical method. Such wine does not lose natural polyphenols,” the expert stated.
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