Physiologist Sozykin: tea in pyramids contains microplastic particles that can cause cancer

tea in pyramids
Physiologist Alexander Sozykin advised not to use tea in pyramids on a regular basis.

Physiologist Sozykin spoke critically about the use of tea in bags. The specialist believes that people should instill a high culture of tea drinking, which involves preparing a drink from loose leaf tea and does not accept the use of bags.

According to the physiologist, bagged tea can be a source of microplastics, as evidenced by a number of studies. For example, tea in pyramids is unsafe in this regard.

“Modern research has revealed that when brewing pyramids, microplastics are released, which, under the influence of high temperature, disintegrate into artificial nanoparticles,” Sozykin shared with the Doctor Peter portal.< br>The expert warned that if such tea is regularly consumed, microplastics can accumulate in the human body, increasing the risk of organ damage that can cause cancer. As studies have shown, the blood, liver and kidneys become especially susceptible to such damage.

“Instead of bagged tea, you should use healthy tea leaves or granules,” the expert is convinced.
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Alexander Sozykin Alexander Sozykin Health Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, Human Ecology and Biomedical Knowledge, Faculty of Natural Sciences, State University of Education