Hepatologist Vyalov answered who risks developing cancer by drinking water with lemon

water with lemon
Hepatologist Sergei Vyalov: drinking water with lemon creates the illusion of improvement, which distracts from the existing problem and delays the time to see a doctor.

Hepatologist Vyalov explained the risks of drinking water with lemon. It is believed that drinking such water stimulates digestion, improves metabolism and overall well-being. Vyalov said that the benefits of this drink are often exaggerated, and many people in vain perceive it as some kind of panacea.

The doctor emphasized: it is dangerous when water with lemon is considered something like a medicine by people who have chronic problems in the gastrointestinal tract, requiring examination and competent treatment from specialists.

“People with a sick stomach continue to drink water with lemon, which supposedly stimulates the production of gastric juice and increases acidity, and they say that it makes them feel better,” Vyalov said in the Telegram channel.
The hepatologist replied that drinking water with lemon is beneficial People with low acidity problems are at risk of developing cancer. They are mistaken if they think that it can be solved in this way, since lemon is not able to make the environment in the stomach more acidic.

“Under the influence of lemon, it is not the production of acid that is stimulated, but the tone, motility, and peristalsis of the stomach – this is what creates feeling of improvement,” explained Sergei Vyalov.
The doctor stated that if there is a decrease in acidity, it is necessary to investigate the cause of this change – you need to consult a doctor to rule out possible cancer. It may indicate wasting along with iron deficiency and anemia or vitamin B12 deficiency. Attempts to correct low acidity by drinking water with lemon can only create a false picture of some improvement and prevent you from discussing the problem with your doctor in a timely manner.

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