Endocrinologist Pavlova: some breakfast habits accelerate aging

Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova advised Russians to choose the right foods for breakfast.

Endocrinologist Pavlova noted that it is impossible to maintain good shape without controlling nutrition – 90 percent of a slim figure and blooming appearance are ensured by this very condition. The specialist said that some breakfast habits accelerate aging and contribute to excess weight. Pavlova considers one of these habits to be drinking orange juice in the morning.

“Orange juice leads to the fact that a person receives a huge amount of fructose. This sugar causes an attack of hunger in a short time and promotes the accumulation of fat,” the doctor warned on Telegram.
The endocrinologist emphasized that breakfast should be well-saturated with protein, but you should not limit yourself to only cottage cheese or a glass of kefir for this purpose. In this case, the body is unlikely to get enough, so you need to eat an additional portion of fiber in the form of vegetables or whole grain bread.

Pavlova named eating fried bacon as one of her worst breakfast habits (many people eat it with scrambled eggs). According to the specialist, such food contains AGEs (end-products of glycation). Their consumption accelerates aging and can seriously harm health by promoting inflammation. For people who frequently eat AGE foods, the risks of diseases associated with aging (including diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancer) increase significantly.

“Consuming foods with AGEs provokes accelerated aging and affects appearance , changing it not for the better. It’s better to give up fried foods in order to maintain health and youth,” the doctor concluded.
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Zukhra Pavlova Zukhra Pavlova Healthy lifestyle, endocrinologist, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosova, Candidate of Medical Sciences