Eating simple carbohydrates is one of the mistakes during breakfast

muffins and coffee
Russian experts in the field of healthy eating named common mistakes people make during breakfast.

Eating simple carbohydrates is one of the mistakes during breakfast, experts from the healthy-nutrition.rf project spoke about this. Products made from refined white flour, various sweets, as well as crushed, processed cereals, devoid of their integral structure and shell, are rich in simple carbohydrates. Semolina or rice porridge, as well as instant cereals, cereals and dry mixes from boxes, white bread, pancakes and pastries – all contain high concentrations of fast carbohydrates and are often eaten by many people as the first meal. Experts have stated that such products do not provide long-term satiety because they have a high glycemic index and cause sharp fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels, which provoke increased appetite and excess fat deposition.

“You only eat porridge for breakfast or coffee with chocolate or Eating cake is not the best eating habit: this meal provokes a sharp jump in blood glucose. Such a breakfast is a serious provocateur of excess weight,” experts warned.
Another mistake during breakfast is the lack of protein. Experts emphasized that high-quality protein must be included in the first meal – this protects the body from surges in sugar levels and the development of insulin resistance, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

“For breakfast, in addition to protein, you should eat fiber and healthy fats, which are also satiate for a long time,” experts advised.
In addition, they consider it a mistake to hastily eat on the run or refuse breakfast, moving it to a time close to lunch. When a person does not eat food thoughtfully and thoroughly, and is distracted by gadgets when eating it, this prevents the brain from recording the amount of food eaten. The consequence of such a habit is the development of obesity.

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