Doctor Vyalov: adequate protein intake helps prevent cancer

scrambled eggs for breakfast
Doctor Sergei Vyalov: by getting enough protein, we improve the body's defense against dangerous cell division processes that can lead to cancer.

Doctor Vyalov informed that the death of cells in the body can be delayed by a certain substance, the protein compound p53. According to the doctor, p53 can be activated when genetic material in a cell is damaged. Under its influence, cell division is suspended, and this helps prevent the appearance of tumors and cancer.

Vyalov stated in Telegram: to maintain the activity of such a valuable substance for the body, you should eat a good and balanced diet. He noted the importance of eating protein: according to the expert, adequate protein intake helps prevent cancer.

“It is important to get enough protein.”
Another expert, endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlova, supports the opinion of the need for sufficient protein intake. She believes that a protein product should be eaten with every meal. Boiled eggs, cottage cheese, not too fatty cheese, red meat, poultry, fish or seafood will be useful to include in the diet as optimal sources of protein for the body. The doctor advises consuming these products with vegetables or herbs.

Earlier, the portal wrote that doctor Pavlova recommended including proteins, complex carbohydrates and coffee in breakfast.

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