Doctor Volkova named common mistakes associated with the first meal

Doctor Ekaterina Volkova: drinking coffee on an empty stomach is one of the mistakes related to breakfast.

Doctor Volkova named common mistakes associated with the first meal after waking up from sleep. In particular, the doctor said, people do the wrong thing when they start drinking coffee instead of a full meal. Such a habit can provoke a deterioration in the body’s condition if there is existing gastritis, problems with the gallbladder or hypertension. In addition, people who drink coffee first delay their breakfast time, which a specialist considers incorrect.

“If you have already formed the habit of drinking an invigorating drink instead of breakfast, then before coffee it would not be a bad idea to drink an omega-3 capsule. And have breakfast no later than an hour later,” Volkova stated in her Telegram channel.
She noticed that people often complain of lack of appetite in the morning. According to Volkova, this may indicate an unbalanced diet (for example, that a large amount of food is consumed in the evening). Refusing food in the morning, which starts metabolic processes and gives the body energy to work for the whole day, is a mistake. If you have no desire to eat in the morning, you should discuss this with your doctor: you need to make sure that there are no health problems hidden behind this condition.

“The reason for the lack of appetite and nausea in the morning may be morning stagnation of bile,” the expert said.
Volkova added that the first meal should take place soon after waking up, even if a person wakes up early, before 7 am. In this case, she advises resorting to a light snack in the form of a piece of cheese or whole grain bread, or a cucumber. A little later, with the onset of the natural physiological hours of vigor, you can already have a full breakfast.

Earlier, the portal wrote that people over 60 years of age need to eat porridge with great caution.

Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.

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