Endocrinologist Pavlova: soda and fast food can cause depression and anxiety

Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova spoke about a study that talks about the connection between ultra-processed foods and the risk of developing cardiovascular and mental diseases. She wrote about this on her blog.

“Scientists have confirmed the connection between ultra-processed foods (fast food, processed foods, soda) and 32 adverse health effects,” the doctor noted.

Fans of such food risk their health and even their lives. According to scientists, they have a risk of:

  • Dying from cardiovascular diseases – by 50%;
  • Developing anxiety – by 48 -53%;
  • Depression – by 22%;
  • Deaths from any cause – by 21%;
  • Type 2 diabetes – by 12%.
  • Diabetes of the second type – by 12%.

We can also talk about development:

  • Asthma;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Some types of cancer;
  • Increased levels of fat in the blood;
  • Low levels of “good cholesterol.”

According to Pavlova, the study covers 45 meta-analyses from 14 articles, published in the last three years and based on data from 10 million people.

Ultra-processed foods are foods that have undergone extensive processing, causing them to lose their naturalness and beneficial properties, and may also contain additives and preservatives. These products usually have a long shelf life and are easy to use.

Examples of ultra-processed foods:

1. Carbonated drinks: Contain large amounts of sugar, artificial colors and flavors.

2. Fast food: Burgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza and other quick snacks are high in saturated fat, salt and added sugar.

3. Breakfast in boxes: Breakfast cereals, bars and other prepared foods contain a lot of sugar and artificial additives.

4. Canned foods: high amounts of salt and additives to maintain freshness.

5. Convenience foods: Prepared meals such as dumplings, nuggets, sausages and others that contain a lot of salt, saturated fat and additives.

6. Sweets and candies: Chocolate bars, cookies, cakes and other sweets that contain a lot of sugar, artificial additives and trans fats.

7. Frozen foods: Pizza, French fries, ready meals and other frozen foods that contain a lot of salt, saturated fat and additives.

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