Doctor Solomatina told how many eggs you can eat

soft-boiled egg
Dietitian Elena Solomatina: eggs must be included in the diet of healthy people.

Doctor Solomatina called chicken eggs one of the healthiest foods available in the diet of Russians. The undeniable advantage of eggs is the presence of protein, which is absorbed by the human body better than from any other product. Our body needs protein every day – it is the main nutrient for the immune system and the most important “building block” for muscle mass. For people losing weight, such a source of protein as eggs is an irreplaceable product.

“The protein in an egg is absorbed in the body by almost 100 percent. It is absorbed even better than protein from chicken and beef,” Elena Solomatina told Vechernaya Moskva.
The doctor added that another important advantage of eggs is that they contain all the essential amino acids that the body needs. As for the yolk, it is a source of such important vitamins for immunity as vitamins A, E and D.

Doctor Solomatina told how many eggs you can eat.

“A healthy person can eat one or two eggs a day, but it is important to heat them. After 50 years, you can safely eat one egg a day, if there are no contraindications,” the expert shared.
Solomatina recalled that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, but in the product it is compensated for by lecithin and does not settle on the walls of blood vessels. Healthy people do not have to worry about the fact that eggs may increase their blood cholesterol levels. But those who have cholesterol plaques or atherosclerosis should consume eggs with restrictions – for example, only twice a week.

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