Doctor Dianova named alcohol among the three products that everyone should limit

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Doctor Nuria Dianova: limited consumption of these three foods helps you stay healthy and slim.

Doctor Dianova named alcohol among the three foods that need to be limited everyone, but first of all those who want to lose excess weight.

“To be slim and healthy, you need to limit your consumption of three foods as much as possible – sugar, red meat, alcohol. You shouldn’t completely abandon them, but if possible, they should be replaced with more useful analogues,” the doctor clarified in a comment to
Dianova considers added sugar to be the main “enemy” of the body. According to the nutritionist, modern people eat it in excessive quantities, since such sugar is present not only in sweet foods and drinks, but also in numerous food industry products.

“You can replace the usual sweets with fruits, berries, dried fruits. Sometimes you can allow yourself dark chocolate,” – this is exactly how the doctor advises eating sweets.
As for red meat, first of all, processed products and ready-made semi-finished products should be reduced in the diet. Protein, for which meat is valued, can sometimes be obtained from fish, eggs, tofu, and fermented cheeses.

Speaking of alcohol, Dianova noted that sometimes you can afford a little red wine.

Previously portal wrote that some popular products disrupt the acid-base balance in the body and lead to acidification.

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