Doctor Denisova: coffee with lemon speeds up metabolism and better tones

coffee with lemon
Dietician Natalya Denisova listed the beneficial effects of coffee with lemon.

Doctor Denisova stated: coffee with lemon is one of the healthiest drinks.

“You can put a couple of citrus slices in a cup or add freshly squeezed juice. This is not only an unusual, but also a useful combination,” the doctor told
Denisova noted that coffee with lemon is a better tonic. First of all, the feeling of alertness is stimulated by caffeine due to its specific effect on adenosine receptors in the brain. But lemon juice also has the ability to tone the body – taking it eliminates drowsiness and improves concentration. In total, caffeine and lemon give a more pronounced toning effect.

In addition, coffee with the addition of lemon is useful for losing weight, as it speeds up metabolism.

“The combination of caffeine and lemon juice can speed up metabolism somewhat.” , – said the doctor.
The doctor added that drinking coffee with lemon is a good support for the immune system and helps the body resist seasonal infections. Ground coffee beans saturate it with iron, zinc and B vitamins, which stimulate the release of immunoglobulins – fighters against viruses and bacteria. In turn, lemon contains vitamin C – one of the most powerful antioxidants and immune boosters.

For those who prefer sweet coffee, Denisova advised adding cinnamon to the drink instead of sugar – this spice not only improves the taste, but also has a positive effect on blood glucose levels and helps prevent sudden fluctuations.

In general, you should drink coffee quite moderately, since the drink has the property of stimulating the activity of the nervous system, which can provoke undesirable conditions in people who are anxious and prone to sleep problems. In addition, after coffee you need to drink water.

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Natalia Denisova Natalia Denisova Healthy lifestyle nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences