Cardiologist Marshintseva: lack of fluid in the body leads to thrombosis

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Cardiologist Yulia Marshintseva: it is important to drink enough water to prevent thrombosis.

Cardiologist Marshintseva reminded in an interview that blood clots are formed during thrombosis – blood clots . Most often, such clots appear in the legs, especially if a person has a vein disease. The formation of such blood clots is closely associated with the risk of vascular accidents.

“Blood clots can rise up the system, thereby clogging the vessels to the heart,” warned the cardiologist Marshintseva, talking to Channel Five.
The doctor drew attention to the fact that people are more susceptible to thrombosis when they are inactive and do not drink water.< “Sedentary lifestyle and lack of fluids can influence the development of thrombosis,” the cardiologist emphasized.
The doctor advised to prevent the appearance of blood clots to replace coffee or sugary drinks with clean water more often, and also to regularly take walks in the fresh air. If you have varicose veins, you should contact a specialist and undergo the necessary therapy (you may have to remove the damaged part of the vein). Marshintseva noted that only surgeons can accurately say how large a blood clot arose in a person. Some people develop very long blood clots.

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