Endocrinologist Gureeva: these 6 breakfast mistakes prevent you from losing weight

Endocrinologist Gureeva: these 6 breakfast mistakes prevent you from losing weight

If you want to lose weight, you need to boost your metabolism with the right breakfast.

1. Breakfast should be before 8 am

Before we talk about what to cook for a diet breakfast, you should know that the time of day also matters for weight loss success.

“Many people make the mistake of having breakfast too late, between 9 and 10 am. The earlier you eat, the more it stimulates the metabolism. Therefore, you should have breakfast no later than 8 am,” says endocrinologist Antonina Gureeva especially for MedikForum .

2. You should definitely have breakfast

Eating nothing in the morning is a big mistake. The body cannot get started without breakfast.

Hunger on heavy breakfast days than on light breakfast days is a logical phenomenon:

“This means you burn more calories in the morning. It's much better than getting more and more hungry throughout the day.”

3. Drink green tea instead of latte

Another piece of advice from an Australian concerns many Germans' favorite drink: coffee. This can often be a subtle calorie bomb

“Coffee with milk, like a latte macchiato, has as many calories as a slice of toast.”
So if you're counting calories to lose weight, don't forget to drink coffee. Green tea is a suitable alternative for anyone who cannot do without milk in their coffee: it is just as suitable as a stimulant, but contains fewer calories and has been proven to stimulate metabolism.

4. Beware of sugary smoothies

At first glance, smoothies for breakfast sound good. However, Gureeva warns that the sugar content of colorful drinks is often underestimated:

“A large smoothie can contain up to 80 grams of sugar – that's the equivalent of 16 teaspoons.”
Instead of eating fruity-sweet smoothies entirely, an option made with grains, nuts, avocados, or dairy can be a healthy and wholesome meal. However, at 300-400 calories, a smoothie should be the only thing that hits the stomach in the morning.

5. More protein, less carbohydrates

Ready-made muesli and white bread are part of the morning menu of many people. Such products contain mainly sugar.

“Toast or muesli alone will not fill us up for long. Then we snack – and as a result we gain weight. We need 20 grams of protein for breakfast to control glucose and insulin.”
So what you eat for breakfast should depend on the protein content of the food.

“Good choices are Greek cucumber, cheese , baked beans or two eggs,” says the expert.
Vegetable omelette or frittata are also real miracles.

6. Get ready for breakfast in the evening

So that breakfast advice can be applied to a busy daily life, the doctor recommends that anyone who wants to lose weight start preparing in the evening.

“You should try to plan your breakfast in advance and make sure it contains protein. In fact, it's best to prepare it ahead of time so that all you have to do is assemble it before you leave the house.”
For example, for cooking, a few slices of rye bread, a little cream cheese or avocado. Muesli with yogurt, nuts and fruit is also suitable as a healthy breakfast.

But be careful with ready-to-eat muesli:their content of up to 30 percent is real sugar traps.

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