Urologist Firsova: lower back pain may occur due to kidney stones

lower back pain
Urologist Daria Firsova named the symptoms of urolithiasis.

Kidney stones (their other name is calculi) come in different sizes; they are formed from salts present in the urine.

“When the urine contains an excess of crystal-forming substances such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid, and lacks substances that prevent the crystals from sticking together, an ideal environment is created for the formation of kidney stones.” ,” urologist Firsova told Vechernaya Moskva about this.
The doctor noted that lower back pain can occur due to kidney stones – this is one of the characteristic symptoms of exacerbation of urolithiasis. In addition to them, you may notice blood in the urine, as well as changes in it: the urine acquires an overly unpleasant odor, becomes dark and cloudy, and the urge to urinate becomes more frequent.

One of the most painful conditions is renal colic, a disorder caused by blockage of the ureter by a kidney stone. At the same time, intense pain is felt in the lower back and abdominal area, and general well-being sharply worsens: a person develops a temperature, fever, and vomiting.

At the same time, Firsova added, a person may have kidney stones and not be aware of this – urolithiasis is often practically asymptomatic. Also, symptoms may not be obvious: for example, manifesting themselves in the form of fatigue, forgetfulness or problems sleeping.

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