Urologist Bogatyrev: mussels, buckwheat and pumpkin seeds improve men’s reproductive health

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Urologist Arthur Bogatyrev named products that have a positive effect on men's health and improve reproductive function.

Urologist Bogatyrev reported that men's reproductive health depends on various factors, and one of them is diet.

“The diet of men should be rich in foods that contain a lot of protein and vitamins,” the specialist specified in a commentary to
Bogatyrev added that mussels improve men’s reproductive health – their consumption helps improve blood flow in the groin area. The effect of the product is explained by its rich composition: mussels contain a complete set of microelements in the form of phosphorus, selenium, iodine, manganese, folic acid, zinc, and also contain B vitamins.

“Eating mussels increases sexual activity, improves sperm quality, prostate condition and erectile function. Blood flow in the groin area is normalized,” the urologist listed.
In addition, the specialist added, men’s reproductive health is improved by buckwheat and pumpkin seeds, fish, chicken, beef, not too fatty dairy products, vegetables, nuts, spinach, celery.< br>
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