Trichologist Galliamova: stress can deprive hair of pigment and turn it gray

gray hair
Trichologist Yulia Gallyamova: stress can affect the loss of pigment in hair.

Trichologist Gallyamova pointed out the reasons for the early appearance of gray hair – after 18 years. According to the specialist, such early gray hair can be caused by a hereditary factor, but stressful situations also occupy a special place among its causes.

“Stress can affect the loss of pigment,” Gallyamova noted in a commentary to RIA Novosti.
Doctor added that early graying should be distinguished as a problem. For example, the appearance of a few gray hairs in a person 20-25 years old is normal and not abnormal. But if gray hair suddenly appears on a child, it would be better to consult a doctor. Galliamova clarified that the process of graying hair can be associated with diseases (for example, due to vitiligo, patches of gray hair may appear at an early age).

“If your gray hair suddenly appeared at a fairly young age, this is also a reason to show doctor,” added the trichologist.
The expert emphasized that it is impossible to prevent the appearance of age-related gray hair

Earlier, the portal wrote that hair loss can be explained by a lack of zinc in the body.

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