This is what happens to your body if you walk every day

This is what happens to your body if you walk every day

Do you want to do something for your health, but you don't feel like doing intense workouts? No problem, just a walk a day can get you in good physical and mental shape.

Walking daily reduces the risk of 24 different diseases, including many types of cancer and all types of cardiovascular disease. But a daily walk around the block or in the park also has the most immediate impact on your healthphysical, mental and emotional.

“Even just 180 minutes of exercise in week will help you feel the positive effect,” says endocrinologist Alexandra Kozarenko especially for MedicForum.

Live longer by walking every day

Walking daily is associated with a 15 percent reduced risk of early death. This is mainly because many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, can be prevented by strengthening your blood vessels and exercising your heart while walking.

Walking strengthens your immune system

Reducing the risk of many diseases and symptoms is not least due to strengthening the immune system. Walking allows you to get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, which counteracts vitamin D deficiency and benefits your immune system.

“Active people have more immune cells and are therefore significantly more resistant to infections by viruses and bacteria. So-called forest bathing, movement in forests and parks further stimulates natural killer cells and further enhances this effect.”

Walking strengthens the psyche

But walking can benefit more than just your fitness. Mental health also improves. Movement stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. This means that more oxygen is transported to the brain.

“Fresh air in any case absorbs more fresh oxygen. The result is improved memory and concentration.”

Walking helps relieve stress

Thirdly, walking benefits not only the body and mind, but also the soul. You clear your head and can easily take your mind off everyday worries and stress.

“Walking relaxes muscles and nerves and lowers blood pressure. As a result, stress levels also decrease. Low stress levels, in turn, are good not only for your well-being, but also for your overall health.”

Fresh air improves your mood

In addition to the freedom to indulge in your own thoughts, an increase in well-being also occurs due to the fact that happiness hormones are released during a walk.

“The good mood that comes from a walk in the park is based on biological facts.”

Daily walking helps you lose weight

The release of the happy hormone serotonin also helps fight food cravings. This is one of the reasons why walking is a beneficial activity if you want to lose weight. Plus, you burn calories almost unnoticed and without making you feel hungry again during strenuous activities.

Aids digestion

A few steps around the block can be beneficial not only before eating, but also after . After eating, you may feel bloated, uncomfortably full, or even tired and fatigued.

Walking not only refreshes your mind but also activates your abdominal muscles. While walking, the digestive organs are gently massaged and the secretion of digestive juices is stimulated.

“It eases digestion and helps with painful feelings of fullness.”

Walking can relieve pain

Even deeper pain, such as back or hip pain, muscle tension or hardness, can be relieved by walking as it stimulates blood circulation.
Since walking tenses all the muscles and many joints of the body, you strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system and ensure the preservation of joint function.

You can prevent pain when moving, even as you get older. Walking can counteract the loss of muscle mass as you age.

“Muscles continue to function as a protection against injury and chronic pain for a long time.”

Walking makes you look younger

Regular walks will also keep you visually youthful for a long time.

“The skin is better supplied with blood, and the skin cells are supplied with more oxygen”.
The result is a beautiful and healthy complexion.

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