RAS scientist Vlasov explained why a person can die before the age of 20

Doctor of Medical Sciences Vasily Vlasov: cases of child or adolescent mortality can be explained by congenital problems.

RAS scientist Vasily Vlasov explained why a person can die before the age of 20. According to him, the sudden death of young people is extremely rare: usually congenital problems are behind it. For example, they may be some features in the condition of the vessels of the brain or heart – dilation or aneurysm. Also, cardiac conduction may be impaired from birth. As a rule, these features remain unidentified (until a critical moment occurs), but in certain circumstances they play a fatal role, contributing to the emergence of conditions incompatible with life.

Vlasov noted that cases of sudden death in children and adolescents are associated with intense exercise, sports.

“For example, during physical education class… they lead to cardiac arrest or rupture of a large vessel,” he told
The doctor of science said that identifying such congenital anomalies is one of the problems of medicine. Routine examinations may be ineffective for detecting them, and, in addition, existing abnormalities may not be amenable to therapy or correction.

“In most of them, as with congenital heart conduction problems, nothing can be done,” stated Vasily Vlasov.
The scientist added that a person can die before the age of 20 also due to acquired characteristics in the condition of blood vessels and organs – in particular, they can arise as a result of past infections.

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