“Goes to the fat depot”: gastroenterologist Beleva named three types of foods that will never let you lose weight

fast food
Gastroenterologist-nutritionist Elvira Beleva named three types of foods that make a person overweight. She put fast food in first place.

Fast food contains trans fats, which always “go into the fat depot,” the doctor noted. This is a reserve of fat cells, which is actively replenished when the diet is disrupted or due to illness. Ugly folds, a bulging belly – this is what it is.

We must remember that fast food leads to addiction. It contains too many additives that enhance the taste.

“A person gets used to such food and no longer accepts regular food. The taste buds that are in the mouth expect stronger irritants, the specialist noted.

Salt, which is found in large quantities in fast food, retains water in the body, so a person also gains weight due to edema .

Second place goes to soda. It contains too much sugar, flavor enhancers and other chemicals.

The expert gave third place to sweet products – buns, cakes, sweets, instant cereals, and curd cheeses. They also have too much of everything – sugar, flavor enhancers, “wrong” fats. All this also turns into fat.

More details about the dangers of soda

1. Increased risk of obesity. Soda usually contains large amounts of sugar as well as high-calorie additives.

2. Increased risk of developing diabetes. Consuming large amounts of sugar, especially in the form of soda, may increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Soda contains acids that can destroy tooth enamel and lead to the development of caries.

4. Regular consumption of soda, especially those with high sugar content, may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

5. Negative effect on bone tissue. Phosphoric acid contained in soda can affect bone density and increase the risk of developing osteoporosis.

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