Pain when walking. Doctor Zubova named the symptoms of atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the legs

legs when walking
Surgeon Nina Zubova: atherosclerosis of blood vessels is characterized by the formation of plaques that gradually narrow their lumen and impair blood circulation.

Doctor Zubova reported that the vessels of the legs are affected by atherosclerosis and cholesterol plaques, along with the vessels of the brain and heart. According to her, at a certain age many people are at risk of this pathology.

“Usually, the atherosclerotic process in blood vessels, and in particular in arteries, develops over years. Most often it occurs in the vessels of the brain, cardiac (coronary) arteries, and leg arteries. Every fifth person over 55 years of age is subject to such changes,” the doctor shared with the Doctor Peter portal.
Speaking about what contributes to the development of atherosclerosis of the vessels of the legs, Nina Zubova stated: one of the most serious influencing factors is an unbalanced diet, containing large quantities of animal fats, trans fats and fast carbohydrates. Sedentary people, smokers, diabetics, and hypertensives are also susceptible to dangerous disorders.

Doctor Zubova named the symptoms of atherosclerosis of the vessels of the legs: one of the first to occur is pain when walking, forcing you to stop – the so-called intermittent claudication appears. Pain is felt in the calf muscles, thighs, buttocks. At first this happens during a long walk, but over time the ability to walk without discomfort and pain decreases, even short distances begin to cause them. In addition, other negative feelings and problems may develop.

“In addition to muscle pain, the color of the skin on the legs may change: it becomes pale. Due to impaired blood supply, a person constantly feels that his feet are cold, and over time the hairline disappears. Without treatment, the condition worsens, the leg begins to go numb, the pain becomes constant even at rest and can force a person to sleep sitting up, since in this position the pain becomes less,” said Nina Zubova.
She advised Russians to undergo regular examinations, at least once every Carry out a preventive examination every year, check your blood for lipid metabolism and glucose levels. If unfavorable symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor and follow his recommendations. To prevent atherosclerosis, it is important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and avoid sedentary activity.

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